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Guide for Sellers

  • The information on this page is intended as a summary, please click here for Terms for Sellers. Buyers and Sellers should familiarise themselves with the Terms and Conditions and contact the Auction Department if there are any matters of which they are unsure.
  • The rate of commission is 18% There is a minimum commission of £1.00 per lot. VAT applies to the commission charges.
  • There is an entry fee of £12 + VAT per consignment. A consignment can consist of one or more lots, provided the items constituting that consignment are brought to the saleroom on one day, or over two consecutive days. If a consignment intended for a General auction contains items which are found suitable and entered into an Antiques Auction, or vice versa, only one entry fee will be charged.
  • We hold fortnightly General sales and seasonal Antiques & Decorative sales. Generally speaking, an item must have a minimum estimated value of £50 to be considered for an Antiques Sale. Both our General Sales (typically 600–800 lots) and Antiques Sales (typically 400–600 lots) are fully catalogued.
  • The auction room is open weekdays from 9.00am to 5.00pm and you are welcome to bring along items for auction during these times. We are unable to accept items on auction days or viewing days. If your consignment is particularly large (such as more than can be fitted in an estate car) we ask that you please telephone us in advance to check we have the necessary storage space. Potburys Removals provides a collection service for items to be sold at auction, at competitive rates.
  • When you arrive at the auction rooms with your items for sale, we will discuss with you which type of sale your goods will best be entered into – either a General Sale or an Antiques Sale, and provide you with a receipt. If your consignment is large, or there are items which require specialist referral or research, then we will contact you at a later date, but in good time before the auction, to discuss the value of the items and recommend whether a reserve should be placed.
  • Once your consignment has been made, we will offer the lots for sale in the next appropriate auction. For general household items, this might not necessarily mean the sale immediately subsequent to the day they were delivered to us. This is due to the quantity of general items that might already have been consigned, and our working in strict ‘stock rotation’. Under these circumstances, you will not be charged for storage.
  • Most good quality household items sell after the first or second entry into auction. For low value items, we are able to enter these into an auction only once, and we will write to you about this before the sale.
  • Following a General sale, you will receive the proceeds cheque, together with a full statement, approximately 10 days later. (For Antiques & Decorative Sales it is usually 14 - 21 days later). Potburys acts as agents for the seller, and sales proceeds cannot be paid out until full payment has been received from the buyer. In turn, therefore, we do not release goods until they have been paid for in full.
  • Please see details of our house clearance and valuation services
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